Ball 2D – Update 1.007 and 1.008

New Update! We don’t have too much stuff in this one, but still :) If you have any suggestions what you would like to see in the upcoming update, let me know in comments or on the forum (

1.007 and 1.008
– Performance improvements.

Play Ball 2D:


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42 Responses to Ball 2D – Update 1.007 and 1.008

  1. From Brazil says:

    I’d like the admin of a game could change the scores.

    For example: the game scores is 1×1, the GK goes AFK or exits the room and the other team scores. The admin could change the scores to 1×1 again, because the irregular goal.

    The biggest problem of this game is that are few players. But the game is very nice when there are enough player to make a match. There’s much less lag compared to HaxBall =D.

    Good work to the develeper(s)!

    • Maniek says:

      I think it would give the admin too much power, some people will use this for bad reasons (changing score as they want).

      I hope the game will grow and have more players in the future :)

  2. Frugo says:

    I hope watch new balls and stadiums.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Ron says:

    Firstly excuse me for my not so good english
    I’m a very good player on h**ball. I tried ball 2d in these days and i must say it is really amazing. I’d like more than h*ball but there are a few issues for me.
    I have some suggestions to improve it

    -There are a few player from a few country.Spread the word for this game making youtube videos and so on. Don’t let it die like Pinsoc*er Leg*end (another good game)

    -Improve ball control. It is already good but it needs to be a bit more precise

    -Make the ball slightly bigger or let us to decide its size in-game: This will help ball control too.

    -Reduce a bit ball bouncing: the ball bounce a little too much

    -If it’s possible release a stadium editor and maybe a ball editor : This would bring a lot of variety to the game and would attire a lot of peoples. A lot of peoples in ha*ball like the real soccer stadium with real life rules like corners and so on. Bring it there

    Here some minor suggestions (low priority):
    -Show ping for every player in the room
    -I’d like a vote system for ban and kick: There are too people in ha*ball that abuse it and kick or ban for no reason.
    -Some improvement to t shirt system would be nice:What if everyone could wear his own t shirt with a number ? It would be nice

    Keep the good work ! I hope this game will grow up and remember don’t let it die !

    Maybe I have some other suggestions but those i wrote up are those that came in my mind.
    Sorry again for my english and Good bye.

    • Maniek says:

      Thank you for your suggestions.

      I have advertised the game and we had over 800 players online at the same time the first day (10 000 players per day), but for various reasons most of them decided not to play anymore.

      I have already make the ball bigger and the players bigger if you compare it to the first version.

      I would like to improve the game, but I have to be careful what I am doing. I need more opinions. I will probably make an update soon with a new balls and stadium and other stuff.

      The ball editor is possible in the future too and I will probably implement most of your suggestions in the future.

      I am also working on other games: and, you may want to try them :)

  6. Joseph says:

    Hi, improve ball physics and ball control please(more like haxba**). Reduce ball bouncing and also make shoot more consistent and powerful (sligthly).
    I think the ball is a bit too heavy.

    • Maniek says:

      Thank you for your suggestion. Tell me how long do you play Ball 2D? Because if you were playing Haxball for long time and Ball 2D only for one day or so, then it’s normal that the physics seems weird, because you have to get used to it.

      • Joseph says:

        Hi. thank you for reply :D
        I played ball 2d a few days. However I think that hax players are a bit diffident to this diversity.
        I also noticed something strange: when I’m the host I have very good ball control but if i’m not the host the control is a lot more difficult. I don’t think it’s lag because even under 100 ms ping i notice the same thing.
        I’m trying to bring there some hax players and they noticed this too.
        Sorry for my bad english and thanks again :)

        • Maniek says:

          Hmm. I didn’t get too many (if any) reports about the differences between playing as a host and as a client. I didn’t notice anything while I was playing. I will check this.

        • Joseph says:

          Hi, I’ve done some more tests about the host and client thing and it seems there is some unresponsiveness in the player movement like input lag(as a client). This affect ball control. Instead as host the player movement is a lot more reactive

  7. Joseph says:

    Hi, I have investigated more about that issue. I used Fraps to show my fps and It showed me 47-48. So as I read on the forum I downloaded an older version of Unity. Now I have around 59/60 fps and the game is a lot smother and playable. A my friend experencied the same thing too. Is there a bug in the latest version of unity ?

    • Maniek says:

      That’s possible. Many players are saying that they have problems with the new version. Could you please tell me what version you have now and what version you had before? You can see the version here:

      • Joseph says:

        Hi, I’m using
        Unity Plugin version: 4.0.1f2
        Unity Engine version: 3.5.7f6
        right now. I don’t know which version i had before but I think It was last one.

  8. Tom says:

    I’m an haxball player and I recently discovered this amazing game.
    I really liked it(graphics,ball animation,textures,t shirt, statistics and so on). However I and some my friends think that gameplay has some flaws in it.

    Here are our suggestion on what must be improved :

    1.Improve player movements and ball control. I have excellent aim and ball control on haxball but on ball2d even after a lot of training there is a different feeling.It seems player movement controls are less precise specially up and down movements(fake up and down movement are hard because player tends to go away from the ball). I also noticed a bit of input lag.Another explanation could be player movements are a bit too fast or sensitive.

    2.Reduce ball bounces power please. It bounces on the wall too much.A lot of my haxball friend players agreed with this.Also on the classic stadium It’s too easy to score with a wall bounce.

    3. I know how the kick system works but raise a bit the kick power when standing still.In big stadium ball is often intercepted because of this.

    4. Volley shot seems not so effective. I think this is because player movement beeing a bit imprecise. Often players miss the ball or kick ball with bad aim

    5. Remove implemented macro please. A lot of player are disappointed by this because on haxball macro is considered like cheating. If you don’t want to remove it please raise time between kicks at least.(Is it 75ms now ? Something around 150 would be better)

    Please listen us because we hope this game will grow :)
    Good work!

    • Maniek says:

      Thank you for your suggestion. Can you tell me how long do you play Ball 2D? Maybe you have difficulties with movement because you have played a lot of Haxball and it’s a second nature for your :)

      I would like to improve the controls, but many players who are playing Ball 2D for more than one or two weeks, like the control. Most often I get requests about changing the physics from Haxball players who only tried the game for a few days or less. So I don’t know if there is a problem in the game or maybe players just need more time to switch to a new physics.

      I will rethink all this at some point. The other thing is that I have already made 5 or 6 updates to make it better.

      The delay between kicks was bigger at first, but many players wanted me to make it smaller during the beta test period, because it was not possible to perform some tricks.

    • Maniek says:

      Maybe the problem is something else. Do you feel the same problem with movement when you are playing on your own room as a host?

  9. Tom says:

    Hi, when i’m host movement seems better but a little imprecise yet.
    I have also the feeling that player movement on y axis is more fast or at least more sensitive than movement on x axis. This could explain difficulty in fake movement , volley shot and aim. But I may be wrong :)

    • Maniek says:

      That would be weird, I was testing this a lot to make sure that it’s the same in both axes but who knows.

  10. яє∂ƒσσтвαℓℓ#Sneijder says:

    Ben Arnavutum

  11. Dans says:

    I was reading the comments and agree with some of them.
    Control is a little hard to beginners but to regular players it’s easyer and funny because allow make greats plays and moves.
    About the aim of the shoots I agree with them but also it’s nice to kicks in pass down or a shoots in angle too tight.
    About the power of the shoots I think it’s cool make like the ball3d, a graduation of power and effects in the ball ( maybe will be strange).

    Thanks, still the great work and GL to the Ball3D, Ball2D and BBall3D.

  12. lol says:

    Maniek dalej kurwa pokarz im zrub stadium tylko dala 8-18 lat kurwa polska gurą dalej!

  13. @Bird _Proyuz_abii_ says:


  14. xerax says:

    aha to dawaj gre xd

  15. OxyGeN says:

    oyun açılmıyor unity indiriyoruz ama açılmıyor

  16. Burak says:

    Turkey. Oyuna giremiyorum unity web indir diyor. Ben zaten indirdim ne yapmam gerekiyor ?