Ball 2D – Update 1.004 and 1.005

New Update! We have new ball and stadium. Now you can play Pong! You can mix balls and stadiums as you want to play what gives you the most fun! This is Ball 2D, everything is possible!

– New Ball: Pong Ball
- New Stadium: Pong Stadium

- Ball control and player movements improvements.
- Some other little bugs have been fixed.

Play Ball 2D:


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5 Responses to Ball 2D – Update 1.004 and 1.005

  1. -BT- Fran says:

    So nice! Thx Maniek.

  2. osert34 says:

    1-I want to make haxball’da ping service.
    2-sort of players, while there is an error.

  3. CinekH says:

    Really good work! Pong stadium and ball are fantastic.

  4. 3r says: