Ball 2D – Update 1.002

New Update!

– Gameplay and ball control improvements.
- Bug in the Man Of The Match has been fixed.

Play Ball 2D:


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7 Responses to Ball 2D – Update 1.002

  1. Giuliano Sousa says:

    Good job!

  2. abc says:

    Hi Maniek, we want to see other players ping. Do you create ping vision feature like Haxball?

  3. Twiizerx says:

    Hi Maniek :) We may in the future have the ability to create custom stadiums of Ball2D and Ball3D, like Haxball?

  4. Mosmer says:

    I think you should improve the turn and shoot, i mean shooting while turning around and the control of the ball going straight a bit more ;)
    great job either way